About Us

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Katya Alexander

Founder / Executive Producer

Katya Alexander got her start in the film industry at an early age, working on Lionsgate’s The Great Gilly Hopkins and A Rising Tide (Fair Weather Productions). As an undergrad at Emerson College, Katya produced an astounding 15 short narrative and documentary films, more than half of which premiered at domestic and international film festival. In 2016, she launched Colorless Queen Studios with it’s first project being the feature-length documentary, 8 Billion Angeles, Katya’s professional debut. Since then, CQ has produced an eclectic array of content, all with the distinct creative fingerprint of the companies executive leader.


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Jordan Cipolla

Producer / Director

Starting his career at the renowned Voltage Pictures, known for box office hits like Dallas Buyers Club and Hurt Locker, Jordan Cipolla matured his passion for storytelling. An avid contributor of all mediums, Jordan unearths the pulse of each narrative with tact, whether through writing, directing, or producing. His nuanced touch brings each piece alive, as seen true through his portfolio ranging from music video direction to documentary production. At the root, it is his sensibilities that apply a tender edge to his craft. Colorless Queen Studios is assured exceptional content through the hands and eyes of Jordan Cipolla.