A short film about betrayal from beyond the grave


A tale of two boyfriends

It’s been 5 months since Larry, our submissive English lead, lost his girlfriend to a drunk driving accident. On the morning of her birthday, Larry makes the sore and habitual trip to the flower shop before visiting Stephanie’s grave. Upon his arrival, Larry’s met with the world-shifting sight of another man, clearly mourning, at the foot of Stephanie's grave. Going against his natural instincts, Larry shields his identity while engaging in a seamingly cordial conversation with this dashing and daunting man. Through leading questions and painstaking pauses, the interaction simmers a while before boiling over, landing us in the center of unbeknownst betrayal.

Director: Jordan CIpolla

Written by: Adam James McCarthy and Jordan Cipolla

Producer: Katya Alexander

Director of Photography: Ryan Bergeron